Actionnaires #1 - Gonzaï

17/3/2011 at Le Central
18/3/2011 at Mme Moustache Event FB
Actionnaire number one: Gonzaï Magazine 



LA FEMME (FR / live / Surf-rock)

La Femme is a great project of youngsters from all over France. While this gang is clearly dragged along by the current flow of surfing music, their songs might as well make you think of the rock-punk of Taxi Girl or the fine post-punk of Young Marble Giant. For the past two years, the band has literally set the European stages on fire! A first album ‘Psycho Tropical Berlin’ was released on the 8th of April.(Bota)

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LA FEMME - SUR LA PLANCHE (official music video)

LA FEMME // Anti Taxi


MUSTANG ( FR / live / chanson française, rockabilly)

« Between Elvis (The esthetic) & Suicide (Keyboards), Mustang transcribes the lost feeling, that of the forbidden rock who frightens the parents, this time when the bladed weapon went under the leather jacket and where the bottom of the pretenders ground gracefully on the back sit of the car...


Actionnaires 1 - La Femme - Mustang