Actionnaires #2 - Gonzaï

5/5/2011 at Le Central
6/5/2011 at Café Maison du Peuple

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VIVA & THE DIVA (FR / live / punk-rock)

Viva and the Diva seems like a real « dream team ». Sir Alice – vocals, Maxime Delpierre (Paris, Limousine) – guitare, Mark Kerr (Rita Mitsuko)- drums and Arnaud Roulin – keyboard (Poni Hoax). After many gigs, this parisan band has now released a first Opus, somewhere beteen Sun Ran, Throbbing Gristle and Tigersushi.

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PARIS ( FR / live / new wave, electro-Rock)

Hey ! Man ! Man, how do you spell Paris ? Paris? P-A-R-I-S. No, no, no, no, no, Paris, you spell it M-E-R-D-E». Daniel Darc was wrong, since in 2010, Nicolas Ker (Poni Hoax) and his band spell it N-O-B-L-E. With another member of Poni Hoax, Arnaud Roulin, Mike Theis (Diplomatic Shit), and Maxime Delpierre (Joakim and the Disco), Paris reprint the French capitol with Suicide, Phil Spector and the Gun Club under a disco influence. Paris’s sound established its members and the band as a psychotic Primal Scream or punk Happy Mondays, as dark as stimulating and pointing at the future.

Supported by James Murphy, Cosmo Vitelli, Chloé, Warp, Domino records, Krikor, Acid Washed, Das Glow, Agnès B., Trax, Technikart...


Paris - Star Ocean


PARIS - *Lost In The Future / Live



actionnaires 2 - Viva & The Diva - Paris