Actionnaires #4 - Clapping Music

Actionnaire number 4, CLAPPING MUSIC LABEL @ Potemkine café - 9/12/2011



YETI LANE (FR / live / Kraut, prog-rock)

Following the excellent reviews of their first(sept.2009) album, the parisians of Yeti Lane are now back.Thanks to our "Actionnaires", before anyone else, you will discover their recent opus "The Echo Show". This tense and cosmic rock, mix of analogical tuning and raging guitars, should be enough to pacify even the Potemkin mutineers..

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ERIC STIL ( FR / DJ selector)

A parisian rock'roll DJ, also co-programmer of the Paris "Filmer la Musique" festival and the "Panic City" events, will make us travel through the history of rock with the help of his vinyl collection: psychedelic rock of the seventies, passing through new-wave, and on to dancefloor-blasting electro-rock.. The remarkable "Filmer la Musique"-festival will be featured at one of the up-coming "ACTIONNAIRES" evenings.

Enjoy that's rico style !!!

290212silvermachine/RAWrico by eric stil


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