Actionnaires #5 - Collectif Mu

We are proud to welcome le Collectif Mu et their guest: Tristesse Contemporaine for that 5th edition of the "Actionnaires" parties - Mr Wong 29/3/2012

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TRISTESSE CONTEMPORAINE (FR / live / prog-rock, electro)

Through friendship and compatibility, Narumi, Léo and Maik decided to start a band in 2009. They soon needed to record in order to back up their spontaneous ideas, their imagination and their powerful drafts. The demos resulting from their recording sessions were like nothing before although they were clearly inspired by the Talking Heads (Fear of Music), Young Marble Giant (Collossal Youth) and The Cure (17 seconds). Then they had to find a name. Whilst looking through an old bookshop, Léo came across a book called La tristesse contemporaine by Hippolyte Fierens Gevaert – a book on the main moral and intellectual movements of the 19th century. Tristesse Contemporaine was a French band of foreigners, a group of “back seat drivers” as they called themselves. Tristesse Contemporaine was a band of migrants, modern drifters.

PILOOSKI (Discodeine, Dirty Edits) mixed their first album which has been released by Dirty, revealing the power of instant classics such as In the Wake, Hierarchies or I didn’t Know, capturing the time to ignite. With the stage as their best ally, Tristesse Contemporaine will be touring in the year 2012.”.

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ERIC STIL ( FR / DJ selector)

A parisian rock'roll DJ, also co-programmer of the Paris "Filmer la Musique" festival and the "Panic City" events, will make us travel through the history of rock with the help of his vinyl collection: psychedelic rock of the seventies, passing through new-wave, and on to dancefloor-blasting electro-rock.He is An activ member of the "Collectif Mu" The remarkable "Filmer la Musique"-festival will be featured at one of the up-coming "ACTIONNAIRES" evenings.

Enjoy that's rico style !!!

eric stil


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