Actionnaires "Hors série 4" - Alex Cameron, showcase privé (26/10/2016)


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ALEX CAMERON (dark pop / live / AUS)

★ Alex Cameron (Secretly Canadian / Aus) ★ When you talk about Alex Cameron and Roy Molloy you're talking about the online cowboys in the Wild West days of the World Wide Web. For those who haven't logged on, Roy Molloy is my good friend and business partner, he plays saxophone with me and also owns 50% of our entertainment business The Crawfish. That's one half of it, and if you want to know what we're really about, what's really at the elbow of the whole scenario, just look at all the things you wish you'd done differently. All the things you stopped yourself from doing on account of the fear of failure, or rejection. Weigh that up against your ambitions. Think about your work ethic. We're reclaiming failure as an act of progress. An act of learning. Something to celebrate. People have short memories like that. Short enough to forget what happened even two generations ago. Scared to acknowledge that we've made some bad calls and we're likely to again. Pushed the wrong buttons. Forgot to carry the one. Take a look around, I see class wars between educated critics and reality television life gurus. I see bronzed Californians preaching inaction through tightly edited frames. I see Americanized satire falling short from its killer blow. It's not enough.

“One of the most memorable, moving concerts I have or will ever witness.” - Jonathan Rado (Foxygen)

“A warped cabaret turn with a cheap keyboard in the vein of Alan Vega and Ariel Pink.” - The Guardian

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