Hush Hush (USA/DE)


La Machine Du Moulin Rouge
22/9/2012 - 23h30
14,9 euros en prévente


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HUSH HUSH is the latest incarnation of artist Christopher Kline (b. 1982 USA) who has been working in the Berlin underground for the past 5 years in several groups and under various monikers such as Wooden Veil, Gemeine Gesteine, Snakebraid, and Night Music. He also recently co-opened the project space Kinderhook & Caracas.

HUSH HUSH is a self-styled "hit-machine" mixing r&b, soul, dance and the general Generation X Itunes library of vintage strangeness into one catapult of sweat, hooks, and untethered madness. After touring Europe and the US with Yeasayer, Hush Hush continues to pound stage after stage into a sort of uncomfortable asexual jelly, remolding and playing with the notions of what constitutes a pop-icon or a cult-figure.